Moke Sunraysia Wheels

The wheels are original 13x5.5" Sunraysia wheels, however they were sprayed gold in a cheap pressure pack paint (see first image below). I had them repaired at Spot-On wheels (Unanderra, NSW) to remove any irregularities and ensure that they were running straight and true. They were sand blasted originally when the body and bars were done however as the wheels were galvanised, they turned out really patchy and as such, the paint would have turned out quite rough. I had to have them sandblasted again with a heavy duty blaster to get rid of the gal. This was successful and they turned out very nice.

They were then powder coated white and fitted with 205/60R13 Tyres. These tyres look great under the arches as they are nice and wide. The turning circle is somewhat lessened due to the wider tyres however, all Moke's fitted with Sunraysia wheels are prone to having the tyres scrub on the inner guard even with the factory tyres so this wasn't a big issue for me. I also had to shorten the bolt on the rear sub-frame on one side as the tyre would rub on it when the radius arm was lowered. This was easy with a grinder and with the nut left on and sorted this little problem out.

The wheels look great and even though the steering is slightly heavier, the overall performance and look makes it all worthwhile.

Side note: Californian Moke's were fitted with two types of Sunraysia wheels. The earlier drum-brake Californian Moke's (circa 1977) were fitted with a deeper dish wheel with later variants being fitted with a shallower dish to allow for the disk brakes. Interestingly enough, mine had the later variants and I assume these were the factory fit with my Moke being made around the time the change was made.