Moke Tail Lights

Custom 3D printed backing plates

Original Tail Lights

Something that bothered me when I finished the restoration of the Moke was the aftermarket tail lights that I had fitted. I preferred something original like those that fitted the cutout in the rear guards.

The Australian Mini Moke (circa 1977 - 1982) and the HQ Holden (One) 1 Tonner (Ute) were fitted with a unique square tail lamp assembly made by Hella Australia. You can read more about this particular light assembly here:

Interestingly, unlike the HQ 1 Tonner variant, the Moke type catered for two twin filament globes (four filaments); 1. Indicator Light, 2. Parking Light, 3. Brake Light, and 4. Reverse Light.

These tail light assemblies can no longer be sourced as a new part, and the backing plates are renowned for burning, fatiguing, perishing or generally wearing out. Lens' on the other hand tend to be available here and there if you keep an eye out.

Custom-design Backing Plates

I decided to design my own replacement backing plates, and 3D print them. After a number of prototypes, I designed two back-plate models that fit the original tail light lenses:

  1. A copy of the original style smiley-face backing plate (drill your own holes and DIY globes), with a modification to a more contemporary metric bolts for fixing it to the vehicle.

  2. A new LED variant designed to take DIN-rail style globe holders of a measurement of 55mm long by 16mm wide. These are commonly known as an 'FS-101 Fuse holder'. You can then add your globe of choice to these.

My model has been uploaded to Thingiverse here, and is provided under a Creative Commons licence.

Type 1: Original Style w/Modified hex-head bolt fixtures
Type 2: LED Style w/din-style globe holders
Initial prototype (original style)
Initial prototype (original style) vs. old plate
Initial prototype (LED style)
FS-101 Globe Holders
Finished product (rear with rubber grommet)
Finished product (rear with earth leads)
Finished product (installed)
Finished product (lit!)