Moke Subframes

On to the rear sub frame. The rear sub frame was easily removed and dismantled. One thing I always found odd in my Moke was a funny kink in the rear sub frame (see below). I can only think that a rope has been tied around here at one stage in its life and it has been used to pull the car out of a bog or something somewhere causing a slight kink in the sub frame. The funny thing was that this is not the only Moke that I have seen this kink in. Just one of those weird mysteries (if you know then please let me know. Click here). A bit of a belt brought the frame back into shape and a quick check for equal distances between the left and right at the rear of the frame and the front of the frame showed everything as true (the rear sub frame has since been painted).

Once the rear brakes were complete I re-assembled the rear sub frame. I fitted Hi-Lo's to the front and rear. For those that do not know what Hi-Lo's are, they are a replacement for the cone struts that are in the front and rear of the vehicle. In a nutshell, these cones and struts determine the height of the vehicle. Hi-Lo's have a threaded rod on them that allows you to adjust the height of the front and rear of the vehicle accordingly. I am wanting to lower my Moke ever so slightly so these will allow me to do it with the turn of a nut. I have purchased a new set of Nolathane bushes and these will be fitted in the new sub frame mountings.