Moke Disc Brakes

One of the unique things on my Moke is the brakes. You may have noticed in the previous photos the custom brake setup. The front brakes are a custom race brake setup for a Mini/Moke. They are Holden Camira rotors with Holden V8/VL turbo callipers. The rotor diameter is 9.25 inch and requires 13 inch rims which my Californian has. Two stud patterns are possible with this setup, either standard mini (4 by 101.6 PCD) or Morris 1100 (4 by 114.3 PCD). The CV's were new reconditioned units with new Cooper S tapered roller bearings. This setup is using my original dual circuit master cylinder as fitted to the later Minis and Mokes (1977 on). A new one can be purchased here: I also needed to adjust the cylinder sizes in the rear drums to the Cooper S type (5/8" versus the standard size of 3/4").

There is no need for a vacuum booster with this setup however I have one fitted (VH44 booster). I had custom brake hoses made up (Holden Commodore on one end and Mini on the other). The setup consists of original Mini drum brake bearing hubs with a custom mounting plate for the Holden Commodore callipers. The brake lines can be custom made easily by a brake specialist or motorsport workshop. You just need to work out the length and tell them that I want Mini at one end and Commodore at the other and they'll make up braided lines!

For people interested in this setup, the Holden Camira's with vented discs were the JD and JE models 1984 - 1989. I am not certain if these are the same rotors as what I have.

Now here's an interesting piece of information for you all. The Californian Moke's actually came out with two 13" Sunrasia wheel derivatives. My Moke is one of the earlier Californians with four wheel drum brakes. The later models fitted with the 8.4" disc brakes actually had a different set of Sunrasia rims. The dish in these derivatives were offset further (the wheel base remains the same) to allow for the brake Callipers. As you would imagine, I had an interesting time fitting these puppies under the wheels. I actually ground the front part of the callipers down (the cooling fins) with an angle grinder to make them fit. The fact that I have 9.25" disc brakes spinning under a set of 13" wheels is a pretty awesome feat. The photos show the original Calliper shape. The painted red callipers show the finished product after a nice filing to create a very smooth finish.


For the front discs, I had some custom braided hoses made up and have the standard Holden 10mm metric fitting on one end and the Moke fitting on the end connecting to the sub frame. I opted for the standard male type connector to the callipers with the single copper washer as the banjo type fitting created a large S in the line which wasn't to appealing and brought a risk of kinking. I used the standard brake lines and hoses for the rear.

I have fitted my VH44 brake booster to complete the kit. The below images show the finished product:

Rear Brakes

The rear drum brakes were rebuilt. These consist of mostly new parts (new 5/8" slave cylinders as fitted to the Cooper S mini's so as to prevent rear wheel lock ups with the new brakes, new brake linings, new drum holding screws). Fitting the Cooper S type cylinders were interesting as the locating pins appeared to be on the opposite side to those that were in the drums originally I simply re-drilled the holes and all is ok on that front (see image below).