With the newly restored body safe in the shed I was most eager to get it rolling again. The first thing was to obtain a set of wheels in which to roll it around on. The Sunraysia wheels were still at the spray shop. I needed wheels big enough to fit over the custom Camira front disc brake assembly. The standard mini stud pattern is 101.6mm however finding 13" wheels for merely rolling the body around in the shed is simply impossible. I ended up with a set of 14" Daewoo Steel rims with a PCD of 100mm. They have no tyres and fitted on the rims well enough once the nuts had been tightened. Perfect body movers!

The first step was to install the rear sub frame. This was fairly straightforward. With the body flat on the floor the rear was lifted and the rear sub frame was rolled in underneath. The holes required a bit of effort to align them with the body. I had the reseat the rear suspension ball and cup rubber cover a number of times as it tended to un-seat itself when the arm was at full drop. Other than that, it was fairly simple.

The Front sub frame was just as straightforward. With the engine already mounted on the sub frame I needed to lift the body up over the engine and then drop it down on top, screw in the bolts and voila! A rolling Moke!